It’s time for my documentation of the month of October in pictures, and I’ll just be honest–I really didn’t do so amazing with the documentation this month. Most of my pics are from my vacation in Malaysia, but they’re pretty cool pictures, so hopefully that will make up for my lack of motivation elsewhere. Let’s just say life is full and good and busy, so taking pictures has taken somewhat of a back-seat these days. 🙂

There’s something I’ve been thinking about saying on this blog, kind of as a disclaimer, kind of as an explanation. I honestly don’t know how many people even read this blog–and I’m not doing it for the numbers anyway– but I do know that there are some of you who read mostly because I’m living overseas and involved in mission work. Sometimes you may wonder why you don’t see more pictures of that kind of thing on here (i.e, mission life, ect.). There are several reasons for that. For one thing, life does settle into a normal routine (even though it has the usual ebbs and flows) and when you live somewhere for more than 6 months or so at a time, you don’t exactly want to go around looking like a tourist, with a camera slung over your shoulder. For another thing, and probably more importantly, because of the nature of the work that I’m involved in, I often don’t want to post too many pictures or too much information. It’s not unlike if you are involved in any given ministry anywhere. Where the work involves people, it involves sensitive information that is privy to those particular people and whomever they decide to share it with. It’s not to be shared with the public, or you risk breaking confidence.

When it comes to missions, often we struggle with finding a balance in this sort of thing, because people support missionaries, and people support missions. They want to know what’s going on, and how they can pray. In most cases it’s with the sincerest of motives that people ask lots of questions and generally want to know lots of details about the people you work with and the progress that’s being made.  And it’s hard when we have to be vague for the sake of guarding the confidence of those whom we work with. And sometimes we can risk offending people who sincerely want to help or know details.  This year I made a commitment to do one of these photo posts every month, to keep people updated back home in what my life looks like here. But to be honest, I’ve struggled with it because it can be a rather dishonest representation of what life here really looks like.  Maybe there’s a bit of me that is seeking to vindicate myself when I say this, but contrary to what it may sometimes look like, my life is not all about drinking coffee, and hanging out with friends. What the majority of my day-to-day life looks like is something that cannot be documented or even relayed verbally in a lot of cases.  If you do want to know more about what it looks like, get on my email newsletter list. But even then, there are things that can’t be shared.

So there’s a bit of honesty for you. 🙂  yeah, sometimes I can quite easily get on a soapbox—just ask my siblings. 😉

So. Onto October.  One of the highlights was my getaway with my dear friend Katelyn. Our birthdays are about a week apart, born the same year, so we got the brilliant idea to celebrate by taking a trip to somewhere special. We picked a spot, Penang Malaysia, and started scouring Agoda for the rest. 🙂 Twas grand, and lovely, and all things amazing.


Excited to be traveling again. 🙂2

Once we got there, we decided the best plan of action would be to rent a motorbike and show ourselves around. So we did. 🙂 She navigated, and I drove, and we made a pretty awesome team that way, if I do say so myself. 3

Beautiful views…4

Lovely old-looking coffee shop…5

And such cultural diversity. It was extremely intriguing, and also sad in some ways with all of the different religious representations you would see. 6 7 8 9 10 11

12 13.5 13 14 15

I have now discovered Old Town White Coffee. I would go back to Malaysia just for this–it was really that good. 🙂 I just had to take this pic to document for all of you folks back in the states what Asian desserts often look like (on the left side of the menu).  Here we have red beans, corn, and some type of jello type stuff served on top of ice cream, for just a few examples. 🙂 Still haven’t developed much of a taste for that kind of thing. 😉16.5 16 17

We were wanting Indian, but stumbled upon this little place that sold Chinese food. So we thought it might be cool to get a dish at each place. Broadens the experiences. 🙂


You seriously cannot go wrong when it comes to Indian food. I love it every time. 19 20.5

This was our trusty bike that got us around. In spite of the fact that it was an automatic, (not my preference) it served us quite well and we had fun. 😉


Scenic driving…21 22

Rest stop by a little water fall–and selfies. haha…we both have an aversion the them, but when it’s only two of you, what do you do? 🙂

We had to buy some of that goodness before leaving the country. 🙂25

God gave me an incredible gift when He gave me the friendship of this girl. Can’t even say how much I’m going to miss her when she leaves. The opportunity to do this trip together was yet another big gift from God.

I never get tired of the beach. Although we did have some rain to contend with, we also had some nice sunshine too, so it was all good.



I told Katelyn I wanted to see a jellyfish, and then soon after found a dead one in the sand. So behold, the jellyfish. 🙂


Just because I think they’re really cool looking. 31

Our last night at a cute little Malaysian place.

So that was our awesome little getaway to Malaysia. So awesome and refreshing.
DSCN2881 copy

Around here, we are still making cards and enjoying watching God at work. (which He loves to do in amazing ways. :))DSCN2949

One night we tried this Babylonian restaurant. Yet another place I will take guests when they come to visit me…(hint, hint) IMG_2916

Life changing Bible study–Believing God, by Beth Moore. So thankful for how God has been revamping some of my beliefs about Him and Who He is. Believe it or not, He really is Who He says He is. 😉


“Your Word is a Lamp to my feet…”IMG_2923IMG_2933

Mums. Even if the weather doesn’t feel like Fall, I’m attempting to remember that it is that time of year. 🙂IMG_3051Mail! Always makes me feel special and loved to get handwritten cards or letters. 🙂


So that’s my October. I’ve got another post marinating…:) So I’ll be back soon.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Autumn.


That long month of June…in pictures.


It was a long month, yes it was. Mostly because anticipation can sometimes rob you of living in the moment, and that I struggled against for most of June. 🙂 But it was still a good month, and here’s the documentation of it. (I slacked off a bit in the picture department, but I don’t even apologize because like I said, I was distracted.)

1 This cool little coffee shop and a day of spending time with God. 2 3My favorite place for “bommi moo deeng.”4The iced Americano that kept me alive during Thai class. 5This cool art that kept me entertained during breaks at Thai class.6The beautiful sky one night at home. 7Another favorite food spot. 8 9Starbucks with this girl…good coffee, rich and real conversation, and deep belly laughs. 🙂
aipai Gate at night.11Reflections…
osa had a birthday! And we ate Italian. 🙂13 142010 IGo  friends hang-out one night. Fun!15Birthday lunch for Rosa and Kru Rutcirra16 17Seriously the best “blah tawt” (fried fish) I have ever tasted. SO. Good.18 19Fun night out with this girl…20Can you see the rainbow? I just caught the tail end of it. 🙂21They look so demure, but they are seriously a riot to teach. This right here is a fun class! 🙂
lack Canyon with my friend Bong!23I think she’s lovely. 
avorite meal before I left. 25The pool and palm trees. 🙂

IMG_1105And this is me about to go crazy waiting to just board that plane already and fly to see my family!!! 🙂

Which is where I am now, so will you excuse me as I go spend some more time with them. 🙂 Happy July to you all!

P.S. Coming soon….my first book review ever!! For like, a real publisher and everything! I’m working my way through the book Plowed Under by Amy Carmichael, (and I just spelled “plowed” with “ough” a minute ago—I am seriously jet-lagging or something) and I’ll be posting a review for the book here on the blog in hopefully not too long, so stay tuned. 😉