My world…these days


This blog has been feeling a bit lonely lately, I fear. But that’s mostly because I’m too busy living real life to spend much time on these kinds of things—and that’s not always such a bad thing.

Here’s just a few snapshots of what life has consisted of these past couple of months. I feel rich. Seriously.

IMG_1149 IMG_1157

For Rosa’s birthday we did mookatat, and just had a grand time with some of these, my favorite people in the world. 🙂IMG_3959

Never thought I’d just love teaching a baking class, but I’ve been having a blast…and learning lots of stuff along the way. 🙂IMG_3965 IMG_3975 IMG_4038

The girls practiced what they learned by doing a tea party for the IGo students…what fun! It makes me feel like a queen, sitting in the middle of these precious ladies…what a gift they are to my life!!IMG_4043

IMG_4060 copy

Me and my roomie…life without her would be…boring. Like jelly without peanut butter. Like life without coffee. One of our friends just asked us the other night after observing, ahem, interesting interaction between us and wondered, “Um, what’s it like at your house?” You’ll just have to come visit us to find out. 😉 I thank God for her, and I love living with her!

2014-05-05 19.30.13 2014-05-05 19.30.25

mookatat with friends…2014-05-10 20.44.01

This little guy brightens our days!2014-05-14 09.52.12

Studying Thai with my favorite teacher. 🙂 I love it. 2014-05-19 21.29.58

Starbucks with a dear friend…2014-05-31 16.55.23

Baking with another dear friend!2014-06-06 08.34.03Face-timing with her…and counting down the days until she comes to see me. A month and a half!!!!

Hope you enjoyed a little peak into my world…




November in Pictures…

Yay for a good month! Honestly, there’s something about getting the first year on the field under your belt. Not that the road smooths out or gets easier necessarily, but one thing is true, it does begin to feel more and more like “home”. And for that I am thankful. November was a good month, but it went by soooo fast. Which is such a cliche thing to say. But honestly, I think it was one of the fastest months this year. 🙂 So here are some of my highlights…


Sometimes (or a lot of times) baking can be therapeutic in the midst of a crazy schedule. 😉

Fun new things!2

New cards being cranked out…I think these are pretty cool. Compliments of Rosa. 🙂3

I just liked this car.  4

My extremely expensive sweet potato–and sadly the only documentation of my Thanksgiving. But I had it! 🙂5

6One morning that I actually got up in time to sit outside and drink my coffee while watching the sunrise.


Here we are studying about budgeting and using our money wisely (says the staff person who was challenged about as much as the students).8


So Loi Kratong happened. And I pretended like I was a tourist for a night. It was fun. 🙂10

11 12 13 14 15 16

We got flooded for part of a morning. 🙂 Which basically means that the drainage system couldn’t keep up with the rain, so it all drained to the low areas (which is where we are).17

I bought a pumpkin, finally. 18

Promptly baked it…


…and made a pumpkin spice latte. 🙂 Happiness. 20

More beauty.

Had our last ministry night with these ladies. So blessed to have had the chance to walk alongside such amazing examples of Godly femininity.

We had a birthday! We celebrated. 🙂IMG_3169

Pizza party!IMG_3171


So we took this bike trip to the wild yonder up Doi Suthep (one of “our” mountains). We were high enough  we were basically sitting in the clouds and they were dripping on us. 🙂 And we were freezing. And it was fun. IMG_3180 IMG_3181 IMG_3182

That’s my November! Hope you enjoyed!

September in Pictures…




So here we are, in October already. My September was a good, good month.


Bike trip to the coffee plantation one Saturday. It only rained on us for a bit–otherwise it was awesome to go up there again. IMG_2799

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You Too? I thought I was the only one.'”

I look at this picture and think, “farong tow rai?” 😉 Love you, K. 😀


I look at this picture and think, “What would this life be like without good coffee, freshly brewed?”


I look at this picture and laugh. 😉 Fun group right here–what a conglomeration of people we are. 🙂


I love the Dye ladies…they’re just awesome. IMG_2818 IMG_2821IMG_2823copy

Smoothies with friends. IMG_2838 copy IMG_2845 copy IMG_2852 copy

As you can see, I got in the mood for some fun pics this month. 🙂IMG_2853 IMG_2858 copy

Yet another bike trip–this time around the mountain. Blessed by these peoples. 🙂IMG_2863 IMG_2870 copy

A coffee date with my favorite Shanna.  🙂 And a fuzzy picture for memories sake. IMG_2875 IMG_2876 IMG_2879

Card-room stuff. 🙂


Praise and worship to close out each day.



“baami moo” with her is so much better.


This is a good morning.

Sunday evening beauty. IMG_2915 IMG_0014

I love when they bring me a tea bag brewing in its own little pot. 🙂


Me and my lovely teammates just the other night. 🙂


“A foreign land draws us nearer to God. He is the only One whom we know here. We go to Him as one we know; all else is strange. Every step I take, and every new country I see, makes me feel more aware that there is nothing real, nothing true, but what is everlasting.” Robert M’Cheyne

Read this quote the other day and thought it was pretty cool. I know that being in a foreign land is not the only thing that draws one nearer to God, for sure. But I will testify to the fact that you have to rely on God in ways that you never had to before. And sometimes I wander if it only gets more and more that way the longer you stay in a foreign country. Sometimes I wander if you feel more and more like a foreigner the longer you’re here. 🙂 It’s not always that way, but yet I do become increasingly aware of the fact that I need God more than ever. And I guess that’s a pretty good thing to be aware of, cause it’s true.

Ya’ll have a blessed week!