Why Valentine’s Day doesn’t make me sad…

Valentine’s day always sort of amuses me.  You have so many people looking at it from different extremes, some in between, and some who just pretend it’s not there in order to maintain the cool and confident persona. You have the lovey-dovey, mushy types, who post gushy notes to their significant other on FB and proclaim to the world that theirs is the best ever—sorry everyone!! You have those who quietly celebrate with their significant other, and don’t post anything about it on FB, because it’s special and meaningful to them in a way that doesn’t have to be shared with the world. You have the singles who proclaim, “Jesus is my boyfriend/girlfriend/lover” and I can celebrate V-day because of it!” and you have the singles who celebrate “Singleness awareness day” and all go out together in one big clump to celebrate being free and single for one more year. And you have those who proclaim loudly to the world in sad, depressed voices that Valentine’s Day sucks, andyouwouldagreetooifyouweresittingbyyourselfathomeonvalentinesdaywithnoonetoeatchocolatewith ANDMYLIFEISHORIBBLEWHYDOIHAVETOBESINGLE??!!!

Amusing, no?

Yesterday I saw a Thai friend write something to the affect that “everyone else has someone to do something special with today, but for me, it’s just a normal day.”

And it made me want to cry. Why? Because in the eyes of the world, that’s what’s portrayed as truth. So often, having someone special means significance, and brings meaning to life—or attempts to bring meaning to life. And you’re left feeling that if you’re married and not happy, if you’re single with no one special, if you’re not head over heels in love with someone, you’re lacking something in life, and poor, sorry you.

I look at the list of people I described above, and honestly? I don’t have a problem with any of them. Okay, so sometimes certain characteristics annoy me, but I would never condemn them or look down on them. Why? Because we’re all in different situations and places in life, and we just need to get over getting irritated at those who are in other situations in life. And we need to stop reacting to the situations and circumstances that we’re in and just embrace it guys.

Do you have a family? A mom and a dad that love you? Do you have siblings? If your family is still together, you’re in a group of people representing an ever decreasing percentage in our present day world. Even if you feel that it’s not as healthy as it should be, be thankful. Love your family. Love your spouse if you’re married. Love your friends. And make the most of the relationships that God has given to you.

Yesterday when I saw what my friend wrote, it made my heart cry, because of what I see in so many of my friends here. I am rich because of my family and the rich heritage that God has given me.  But it’s not that that makes me happy. Those are mere circumstances. What made me sad was the fact that although we are both women, and we feel some of those same things,  “Oh, yay, yet another Valentines Day to spend alone without a guy to spend it with,” the difference is in what we can do with it. If I didn’t have a God to turn to, Who fills me up to overflowing with joy in my present circumstances, I guess I’d probably be pretty depressed too.

So I guess my point is this: wherever you are, be happy, and be content, because it’s God’s gift to you today. And it’s good…oh, so good. Don’t sit and wait around to be loved—love those whom God has given you to love. They’re everywhere, and they need to know that someone cares about them. I think we’ll all find that giving, and serving are what make a Valentine’s day a true Valentine’s day.

February 20141wow, Mel. Fries much?

Last night, I was in the group that clumped together and went out and celebrated being free and single. 🙂 It was great, and I loved it. Yesterday was a normal work day, and we shared chocolate and flowers with the girls. Who, btw, were soooo excited when flowers and chocolate were given to them. Who knows how much they’ve ever been celebrated before on a special day like Valentine’s?



Valentine’s Flowers from Deaniel and Katrina. Aren’t they lovely?

A side note. Some of us were into watching the new family movie Mercy Rule that just came out yesterday. So I bought the download and we settled in to watch it late last night. Wow. I was disappointed, to be perfectly honest. I don’t want to ruin it for those of you out there who haven’t seen it, but I guess I was expecting something more along the lines of Courageous or Fireproof. I’m thinking, Kirk Cameron and Tim Hawkins? What’s not to love?  I wish I wouldn’t have bought it. The story line was kinda hard to follow and didn’t flow really that well. And we concluded that if they would have put all the slow-mo back to normal speed, it would have reduced the almost-two-hour movie down to 1 hour or less. Tim Hawkins was great, as always, playing the crazy brother and doing his trademark facial expressions and weird noises. He was about the best part of the movie. But please don’t take my word for it. Just watch it for yourself and make your own conclusions. 🙂

So, enough rambling.

Last week some of us went to one of our new malls. I say one of them, because, yes, we have had at least three new ones in the past year. Somewhere I read that this particular one is the largest mall in Souht East Asia. Somehow I am kinda doubtful that this is actually true. But it’s a pretty cool mall.

Especially with friends. 🙂

2014-02-05 18.07.08 2014-02-05 20.38.19 2014-02-05 21.16.21

This is why I’m not a fan of selfies. It’s like, here’s Mel and her friends!!

2014-02-05 21.17.57Ah…much better. Most of us even have our eyes open. 😉

In other news, I have a new nerd look.

Camera 360

This is what happens when the majority of your life is spent doing computer-work/detail-work/design/study. I was feeling pretty confident about the new nerd look until I wore them around a friend the other night (who shall remain nameless) and she couldn’t stop laughing every time she looked at me.  I wasn’t sure whether to be blessed by her honesty or offended. The Thai girls told me I look like a teacher, “but it’s still pretty!”  I think I will keep to wearing them in solitary places of study, work, and contemplation so as to avoid distracting people to amusement.

Everyone have a great weekend, and remember that He’s the reason for every good thing, every heart beat…this life, everything we love…it’s a beautiful life we live!