A long, long time ago, there lived a beautiful woman in a great and wicked city. I don’t know much about her story, but I know enough to assume that it must have been tragic and filled with pain, for no woman ends up where she ended up for no reason.  When they found her, she was living in what we would, in modern times, call a red-light district. Truly, the color red was significant to her—it later saved her life. What was amazing about this woman was that she heard stories about God, and tucked them away in her heart. She must have seen enough of the emptiness of her people to realize that theirs was a religion of hollow hope and unfulfilled longings.  She began to secretly believe in this God Whom she knew to perform miracles and show Himself strong on behalf of His people.


Eventually her people came to destruction because of their unbelief. But she was saved because of her faith. She, who formerly would have hung her head in shame because of her lifestyle, eventually made it into the hall of fame. Hebrews 11 tells us that Rahab didn’t perish with those who didn’t believe, which implies that she did believe.

The red that is so significant of the color of her profession came to mean so much more…salvation. New life. REDEMPTION.

This story grips my heart these days and reminds me afresh of the absolute, utter beauty of redemption. How can God take something so used, so broken, and so destitute and make it into a flawless picture of purity and holiness? It’s a miracle, really.

If there was ever any doubt that God uses messed up people to fulfill His divine purposes, this story derails them. If there was ever any doubt that someone who has been involved in that kind of lifestyle can ever be effective for God, then it CANNOT stand against a story like this. God does it. He just DOES, and He delights in doing it.


We in our humanness can see such limits to what can change and how people can find healing. But we honestly have no clue, most of the time. God, He loves to bring us full circle and use us in ways we never, ever thought possible.

Tell me it isn’t awesome that a woman whom the Bible refers to as a harlot ended up being in the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ? It seriously sends me into Hallelujah Praise dances over here, people!! !

Tonight it’s fresh for me and burning on my heart, because today I saw God use this story to bring hope. And it just reminds me once again how much God longs to show us His glory, if we will but ask to see it revealed.

“By faith the harlot Rahab perished not… (Hebrews 11)

Yeah. Because my Jesus, my Lord, my God—He redeems and sets the captive free.  Hallelujah!!!


One thought on “RED

  1. I cannot tell you how encouraging this is for me today. Thank you for the great reminder of what God can do with a heart that is willing!

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